Expert testimony before the Dutch Senate on the ratification of CETA (19 May 2020)

Are WTO/FTA Panels Useful?, at a conference organized by AIDV (International Association of Wine Lawyers) (Lausanne,

July 2019)


The gap-filling functions of FTAs: potential and limitations, at the conference ‘Global Politics and EU Free Trade Policy’, organized by the EU Trade and Investment Policy (EUTIP) network (Brussels, December 2018)

Improving the Enforcement of Labour Standards in the EU’s Free Trade Agreements, at the international colloquium ‘Restoring Trust in International Trade’, organized by Maastricht University (Maastricht, December 2018)

International Trade in a Changing Landscape, at a panel discussion organized by the Belgian Branch of the International Law Association and the Brussels Diplomatic Academy (Brussels, November 2018)

A Tribute to Carl Baudenbacher, at the colloquium ‘The Art of Judicial Reasoning: Festschrift in Honour of Carl Baudenbacher, organized by the EFTA Court (Luxemburg, November 2018)

Foreign Direct Investment Control in the EU Framework, at a panel discussion organized by the Europa College (Bruges, February 2018)


Introducing the Trading Together Declaration’, at the panel ‘Effective EU trade policy with 38 decision-makers’, organized by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) on the occasion of the CEPS Ideas Lab 2017: Reconstructing the European Union (Brussels, February 2017)

The ECJ decision on Singapore and the power struggle on EU-Trade agreements’, at the International Trade working group of the European Office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) and the Federation of German Industries (BDI) (Brussels, June 2017)

Roundtable: The Globalization Backlash - Where Have Trade Agreements Failed and What Will or Should Next-Generation Trade Policy Look Like?’ at the Annual Conference on WTO Law organized by the Graduate Institute and the Institute for International Economic Law (Geneva, June 2017)

EU Trade Policy’ at the seminar ‘EU external actions after the Treaty of Lisbon’ organized by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) and the Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies (SIEPS) (Brussels, June 2017)









CETA – What is the way forward and what does it mean for future trade negotiations?’, organized by ECIPE (European Centre for International Political Economy) (Brussels, November 2016)


Beyond ISDS – What does the EU’s new investment approach in CETA mean for TTIP and other future trade agreements of the EU?’, organized by ECIPE (European Centre for International Political Economy) (Brussels, April 2016)



From ISDS to ICS…and enforcement of TTIP generally’, at the seminar ‘The Future of Investment Dispute Resolution: The Role of Courts’, organized by ECIPE (European Centre for International Political Economy) (Brussels, December 2015)


The effect of international law in the EU legal order: the case of environmental agreements’, at  the conference “The institutional balance in the practice of the external relations of the European union”, organized by the Centre for the Law of EU External Relations (CLEER) and the European Commission’s Legal Service (Brussels, December 2015)


Regional contributions to global governance’, at the conference “The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): an EU perspective on global economic governance”, organized by the Europa Institute and the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs of Leiden University (The Hague, December 2015)


Do Foreign Investors Receive Too Much Power in the EU’s Bilateral Trade Agreements such as TTIP’?, annual Cleveringa lecture organized by Leiden University (Brussels, November 2015) 


Is Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) Superior to Litigation before Domestic Courts? An EU View on Bilateral Trade Agreements’, presentation of annual opinion to the Royal Dutch Society of International Law (The Hague, November 2015)


The denial of public policy exceptions in WTO accession protocols’, at 15th Annual WTO Conference “The WTO at 20: Taking Stock and Challenges Ahead”, organized by the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (London, May 2015)


Who should decide investment and other private treaty-based claims: arbitrators or State-courts?’, at a seminar organized by the Dutch-speaking Brussels Bar (Brussels, April 2015)


ISDS and Schizophrenia in the EU about International Law’, at a seminar organized by ECIPE (European Centre for International Political Economy) (Brussels, March 2015)


International Market Access in the Wine Sector’, a conference organized by AIDV (International Association of Wine Lawyers) (Beaune, October 2014) (conference chairman)


Reconsidering Financial Remedies in WTO Dispute Settlement’, at the conference The WTO Dispute Settlement System: A Health-Check, hosted by the College of Europe (Bruges, September 2014)


Current Issues in Benchmarking Jurisprudence’ at the 14th Annual WTO Conference, organized by the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (London, May 2014) (panel chairman)


Navigating the legislative and regulatory maze of the TTIP’, organized by the Centre for European Policy Studies (Brussels, May 2014) (Discussant)


The relative effectiveness of international economic law’, at the joint conference organized by the International Law Association and the American Society of International Law on The Effectiveness of International Law (Washington DC, April 2014)


Rule of Law in EU External Action: Multilateral and Bilateral Economic Cooperation’ at the conference The Rule of Law as a Strategic Priority in the EU’s External Action – ROLA Workshop organized by the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies (Leuven, February 2014) (panel chairman)


Extraterritoriality in EU competition, trade and environmental law’ at the 2013 Tunkin Readings at Moscow State (Lomonosov) University (Moscow, October 2013)


Trade and Competition: Where do the Twain Meet?’ at the 2013 DISETTLE Workshop at ECARES, Université Libre de Bruxelles (Brussels, September 2013)


Reinforcing dispute settlement procedures’ at a round table discussion on the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA)’ organized by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Brussels, June 2013)


An even-handed exploitation of natural resources amongst the WTO Membership: the Appellate Body’s ruling in China Raw Materials (2012)’ at the WTO case law series in the Global Governance programme of the European University Institute (Florence, June 2013)


The International Lawyer as Legal Counsel’ at the 5th Research Forum on International Law as a Profession, organized by the European Society of International Law (Amsterdam, May 2013) (panel chairman)


Economic Analysis in WTO Law’ at the 13th Annual WTO Conference, organized by British Institute of International and Comparative Law (London, May 2013) (panel chairman)


'The domestic law effect of the WTO: comparing Russia and the EU' at the 2012 Tunkin Readings at Moscow State (Lomonosov) University (Moscow, November 2012)


Euro-preference in EU trade and competition law’, at the conference Competition Law in Times of Economic Crisis: In Need of Adjustment, organized by the Global Competition Law Centre (Brussels, November 2012)


Legal regimes, adjudication and multilevel governance’, at the conference Reflections on the Constitutionalization of International Economic Law in honour of Prof. Dr. Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann (Florence, October 2012)Spring 2016 Page 11


Do FTAs provide better remedies against non-implementation than the WTO for private parties?’,  at the 4th edition of the Euro-Asia Summer School on East Asia and the European Union in Global Governance - Comparative Perspectives (Leuven, August 2012)


Fair and effective competition policy in the EU: which role for authorities and which role for the courts after Menarini’, at the 19th St.Gallen International Competition Law Forum ICF (St Gallen, June 2012)


Coexistence of the WTO and the EU Judicial Review System’, at a conference on.EU Anti-Dumping and Anti-Subsidy Proceedings organized by the European Academy of Law (ERA) (Brussels, June 2012)


Judicial review of European competition law decisions after Menarini’, at the X Treviso Conference: Antitrust: between EU law and national law (Treviso, May 2012)


Pleading before WTO panels and the Appellate Body’,  at a training program on WTO litigation for developing countries organized by the WTO, ACWL and ITCSD (Geneva, May 2012)


The impact on EU competition law of the Opinion of Advocate-General Walter van Gerven in the De Limitis case’, at a symposium celebrating the honorary doctorate conferred on Professor van Gerven by Leiden University (Leiden, February 2012) 


The Judgment of the ECtHR in Menarini Diagnostics S.R.L. v. Italy: Impact Assessment On The EU Competition System’, at a seminar organized by the Global Competition Law Center (Brussels, December 2011)


Reform of Trade Agreements in the Doha Round: Countervailing Duties’, at a conference on Practicing WTO and EU Trade Law organized by the European Academy of Law (ERA) (Brussels, October 2011)


Subsidies and Competition Law: What Role for the WTO?’, at the WTO Public Forum 2011, BusinessEurope session (Geneva, September 2011)  


The Protection of Regulatory Data: A Plea for More Clarity’, at the 6th Annual Conference of the EPIP (European Policy for Intellectual Property) Association: Fine-Tuning IPR debates (Brussels, September 2011)


The WTO: history, present and future’, at a Clingendael-course for Eastern European diplomats (Leiden, September 2011)


EU-Indonesia Relations in Trade and Investment’, at a conference organized by CEPS (Brussels, June 2011) (panel chairman) Spring 2016 Page 12


Vetting Foreign Direct Investment into the EU: International Legal Implications', at a conference organized by the Catalan Delegation to the EU (Brussels, April 2011)


The Lisbon Treaty: its impact on EU Trade Policy’, at a meeting of the European Trade Law Association (Brussels, September 2010)


Protection against Unfair Competition from Third Countries: EU Competition and Trade Law', at a specialization course in competition law organized by the Grotius Academy (Utrecht, April 2010)


Legal Remedies under the EU's New Chemicals Regulation REACH’, at LEGIS 2010 WORKSHOP ON LEGAL DEVELOPMENTS organized by the European Chemical Industry Council (Brussels, March 2010)


Judicial Dialogue: Challenges for Counsels’: at the conference DIALOGUE BETWEEN COURTS IN TIMES OF GLOBALIZATION AND REGIONALIZATION organized by the University of St. Gallen (St. Gallen, October 2009)


The Domestic Law Effect of WTO Obligations in the EU’, at the conference MARKETING OF FOOD: RESPONSIBILITIES, LIABILITIES, PROCEDURES organized by the European Food Law Association (Prague, October 2009)


Commentaries on the WTO Appellate Body rulings in China Car Parts and US Upland Cotton’, at the conference REVIEW OF WTO CASE LAW 2008 organized by the American Law Institute (Geneva, June 2009)


Fragmentation of International Law’,  at the NINTH ANNUAL WTO CONFERENCE organized by the British Institute for International and Comparative Law (London, May 2009) (panel chair)


'Are the European Courts Distancing Themselves From International Law?',  at the conference KADI AND FIAMM: SHARPER DIVISIONS BETWEEN THE EC AND THE INTERNATIONAL LEGAL ORDERS?, organized by the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (London, May 2009)


'WTO Law in the Community Legal Order', at the internal expert seminar THE EU AND THE WTO LAW organized by the Academy of European Law Trier for the Legal Service of the Council of Ministers (Brussels, January 2009)


'From "Direct effect" to "Muted dialogue": Recent developments in the European Courts' case law on the WTO and beyond', at the conference GOODS IN DISPUTE: GLOBAL, EUROPEAN AND NATIONAL PERSPECTIVES organized by the Amsterdam Court of Appeals (Amsterdam, December 2008)Spring 2016 Page 13


'The WTO's Rule of Law: Impact on Ukraine's Export Interests and Domestic Policies' at the conference UKRAINE'S ACCESSION TO THE WTO: NEW CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES  organized by Deloitte et al. (Kiev, October 2008)


'The Impact of WTO Law on European Food Regulation', at the 17TH INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONGRESS: ON THE LEGAL FRAME OF FOOD INFORMATION organized by the European Food Law Association  (Bologna, September 2008)


'A Trade Policy for the European Chemicals Industry: Some Comments on Methods and Priorities' , at the meeting of the AD HOC GROUP ON TRADE AND COMPETITIVENESS OF THE HIGH-LEVEL GROUP ON THE COMPETITIVENESS OF THE EUROPEAN CHEMICALS INDUSTRY organized by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry (Brussels, June 2008)


'Private Appeals to WTO Law in EU/US Trade Relations', at the conference PORTUGAL/THE EUROPEAN UNION AND THE USA : NEW ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES IN A CONTEXT OF GLOBALIZATION organized by the Faculty of Law, Lisbon University (Lisbon, June 2008) 


'Climate Change and the Environment: the EU's Response', at the EIGHTH ANNUAL WTO CONFERENCE organized by the British Institute for International and Comparative Law (London, May 2008) (panel chair)


'The Experience with the EC's Mixed Agreements in Member States and Third Countries', at a conference on MIXED AGREEMENTS REVISITED organized by the University of Leiden and the University of Bristol (Leiden, May 2008) (panel chair)


'Protection against Unfair Competition from Third Countries', at a postgraduate course on Dutch and EC competition law organized by the GROTIUS ACADEMY  (Utrecht, May 2008)


'The Boundaries of the World Trade Organization', at an internal workshop on the POST DOHA AGENDA organized by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Trade (Brussels, April 2008)


'Lessons Learned from Global Cartel Investigations', at a conference on GLOBAL CARTEL INVESTIGATIONS organized by the Fair Trade Center (Tokyo, March 2008) and the Korean Chamber of Commerce (Seoul, March 2008)


'Some Comments on the WTO Safeguards Agreement', at the WTO Seminar in Law & Public Policy 2007-2008 on CONTINGENT PROTECTION IN THE WTO: A LAW AND ECONOMIC ANALYSIS organized by Columbia University Law School (New York, November 2007)


'WTO and FTA Negotiations on Sustainable Development', at the conference on TRADE AND SUSTAINABILITY organized by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (The Hague, November 2007) Spring 2016 Page 14


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'Are Bilateral Free Trade Agreements a Threat to the WTO? A European Perspective', at the Symposium QUO VADIS THE WTO: THE FUTURE OF THE DOHA ROUND AND THE MANAGEMENT OF THE INTERNATIONAL TRADE REGIME organized by RIETI (Tokyo, August 2007)


'The Relationship of the European Courts with other International Tribunals', at the 46TH LONDON-LEIDEN CONFERENCE - INTERNATIONAL LAW IN COMMUNITY LAW: ANOTHER INCOMING TIDE? (London, June 2007)


'Legitimacy and Effectiveness of International Rule-Making', at the colloquium ADMINISTRATIVE LAW TOOLS FOR THE WTO organized by the Europa-Institute of the University of Saarbrücken (Saarbrücken, June 2007)


'Dispute Settlement under FTAs and the WTO: Conflict or Convergence?', at the SEVENTH ANNUAL WTO CONFERENCE organized by the British Institute for International and Comparative Law (London, May 2007)


'Private Access to International Courts', at the conference THE ROLE OF COURTS IN INTERNATIONAL LAW (Salzburg, May 2007)


'The Implications of the WTO for the Food Sector', before the Dutch Association of Food Lawyers (Amsterdam, December 2006)


The Implications of WTO Rules for Animal Welfare Regulation’, at a seminar on LABELLING FOR ANIMAL WELFARE organized by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture (The Hague, October 2006)


International Trade and the Reform of EU State Aid Policy’, at the conference ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF STATE AID RULES - CONTRIBUTIONS AND LIMITS organized by the Global Competition Law Centre (Brussels, September 2006)


Treaty Interpretation Revisited: Interpreting Schedules of Concessions’, at the SIXTH ANNUAL WTO CONFERENCE organized by the British Institute of Comparative Law (London, May 2006) (panel chairman)


A Role for Business and NGOs in the Global Trading System’, at the conference ENHANCING TRADE POLICY MAKING IN CHINA organized by The Centre (Brussels, April 2006)


Current Issues at the WTO from an EU Perspective’, before the DUTCH MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS (The Hague, March 2006)


WTO Dispute Settlement: Conflicting Rules and Standards’, at the ABA INTERNATIONAL’S 2005 FALL MEETING (Brussels, October 2005) Spring 2016 Page 15



Beyond Tariffs - The Importance of Regulatory Questions’, at the  FIFTH MARKET ACCESS SYMPOSIUM organized by the European Commission (Brussels, September 2005)


International Disciplines on Subsidies: a European View’, at the conference TRADE REMEDY: EAST ASIAN PERSPECTIVES organized by the Taiwan WTO Center of the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research  (Taipei, August 2005).


The International Dimension of EC State Aid’, at the conference EC STATE AID CONTROL: THE CASE FOR REFORM - EUROPEAN AND GLOBAL CONSIDERATIONS organized by the University of Leiden and Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr (Brussels, June 2005)


Persistent Unilateral Tendencies in EU Regulation: the Treatment of Food and Chemicals (REACH)', at the international symposium NEW EXTERNAL ECONOMIC PARTNERSHIP AND TRADE POLICIES OF THE ENLARGED EU organized by the Institute for International Studies and Training and the Fair Trade Center  (Tokyo, March 2005)


Systemic Issues of WTO Dispute Settlement: Remedies/Retaliation’, at a ROUNDTABLE ON WTO DISPUTE SETTLEMENT organized by the University of Ottawa (Ottawa, February 2005)


WTO implications of the proposed European chemicals legislation (REACH)’, at the JOINT PUBLIC HEARING of the Committee on the Environment, the Committee on Industry and the Committee on the Internal Market of the European Parliament (Brussels, January 2005)


How to Strike a Balance Between Competitiveness and Other Interests in the Protection of Regulatory Data’, at the LEGIS 2004 WORKSHOP ON LEGAL DEVELOPMENTS organized by the European Chemical Industry Council (Brussels, December 2004)


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Exceptions to Liberal Trade in Foodstuffs : The Precautionary Approach and Collective Preferences’, at the symposium TEN YEARS EFTA COURT, organized by the EFTA Court (Luxemburg, October 2004) 


WTO Law in the Community Legal Order’, at the seminar THE WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION AND THE EUROPEAN UNION, organized by the Academy of European Law (ERA) for the Legal Service of the European Parliament (Brussels, October 2004)  Spring 2016 Page 16


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WTO Dispute Settlement Rulings and the European Courts’, at the 3d Symposium on GLOBALIZATION AND THE JUDICIARY, organized by the Texas International Law Journal (Austin, September 2004)


Due Process in WTO Dispute Settlement’, at the 48th UIA CONGRESS, organized by the Union Internationale des Avocats  (Geneva, September 2004)


Retaliation and Financial Compensation’, at the 4th ANNUAL WTO CONFERENCE: DISPUTE SETTLEMENT IN THE WTO, organized by the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (London, May 2004)


Remedies against Non-Compliance in the WTO: A Proposal for Financial Compensation’, at the 10TH GLOBAL ARBITRATION FORUM (Geneva, December 2003)


The EU’s Special Safeguard Clause in Respect of China Put in Context’, at the conference THE WTO AND EAST ASIA organized by the Korean Development Institute (Seoul, September 2003)


L’évolution du mécanisme des règlements de différends’, at the conference LES ENJEUX DE LA CONFÉRENCE MINISTÉRIELLE DE CANCÙN POUR LES PAYS FRANCOPHONES organized by l’Agence intergouvernmentale de la Francophonie (Paris, June 2003)


Trade in Services’, at the conference DEVELOPMENTS IN WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION LAW organized by the International Bar Organization (Geneva, March 2003) (moderator)


The EU’s Special Safeguard Clause in Respect of China: (How) Will it Work?’, at the FOURTH MARKET ACCESS SYMPOSIUM organized by the European Commission  (Brussels, February 2003)


The WTO Panel Process’, as part of a workshop and moot court on the WTO dispute settlement system in the WTO CAPACITY BUILDING WORKSHOP SERIES organized by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 2002). 


Too Big to Solve?  Dispute Settlement Implications of a WTO Biotech Case’, at a conference entitled BIOTECHNOLOGY, THE US AND EU: A CHALLENGE TO THE WORLD TRADING SYSTEM?, organized by the US Embassy Berlin and the Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag (Berlin, October 2002).


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The Practice of WTO Dispute Settlement’, at a program for Chinese government officials on the IMPLICATIONS OF CHINA’S WTO ACCESSION ON THE DOMESTIC TAXATION AND MANAGEMENT OF MULTINATIONALS organized by the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (Amsterdam, June 2002)


The Implementation of the WTO Rules on Antidumping, Countervailing Duty and Safeguard Actions’, at a workshop in the WTO CAPACITY BUILDING WORKSHOP SERIES organized by the Japan International Cooperation Agency, and the Indonesian Ministry of Industry and Trade (Djakarta, May 2002)


The Proper Mandate of the WTO: Lessons from the TRIPs Agreement’, at the THIRD VIENNA GLOBALIZATION SYMPOSIUM (Vienna, May 2002) 


Improving Compliance with WTO Rulings’, at a conference on DISPUTE RESOLUTION AND THE WTO CONSTITUTION organized by the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (London, May 2002)


MEAs, Unilateral Environmental Measures and the WTO-More Power to the WTO?’, at an INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CRITICAL ISSUES AND THE JAPANESE CONTRIBUTION IN THE NEW ROUND OF THE WTO sponsored by the Fair Trade Center and the Japan Federation of Economic Organization (Keidanren), in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry of Japan (Tokyo, March 2002)


The FSC Dispute: Short and Long Term Consequences’, at a conference on KEY ISSUES FOR THE WTO: CHINA, THE DOHA DEVELOPMENT ROUND AND THE EU-US TAX DISPUTE organized by the British Chamber of Commerce (Brussels, March 2002) (panel chairman)


The Implementation of the WTO Rules on Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Actions’, at a workshop in the WTO CAPACITY BUILDING WORKSHOP SERIES organized by the Japan International Cooperation Agency, the Thai Department of Business Economics, and the Thai Department of Foreign Trade (Bangkok, February 2002)


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